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Imaging Diagnosis of Situs Inversus, Persistence of the Left Superior Vena Cava, Renal Agenesis and Anomaly of the Retroperitoneal Vessels in Niamey: A Case Report

Introduction: Situs inversus is a rare congenital malformation. It can be associated with other malformations. It is often discovered incidentally by medical imaging. The latter also makes it possible to take stock of all associated malformations. Observation: The authors report a particular association in a 4-year-old male patient. Following a transthoracic cardiac Doppler ultrasound indicated for dyspnea at the slightest effort. The examination revealed dextrocardia, minimal membranous septum interventricular communication with left-right shunt, ostium primum inter-atrial communication measured at 6 mm with moderate impact on the left atrium, good systolic function of both ventricles, thin heart valves, dry pericardium. The chest x-ray requested systematically highlighted dextrocardia, enlargement of the upper mediastinum, and a gastric air pocket visible under the right diaphragmatic dome. The thoraco-abdomino-pelvic scan carried out made it possible to demonstrate that the situs inversus was complete and associated with other anomalies. It was a type 3b superior cava venous return anomaly with a single left kidney and an anomaly of the retroperitoneal vessels. Conclusion: Situs inversus is a rare and particular congenital anomaly because it can be associated with several types of malformations, sometimes very complex. Hence the interest in carrying out a complete imaging assessment in cases of situs inversus.

Situs Inversus, Congenital Heart Disease, PVCSG, Renal Agenesis, Retroperitoneal Vessel Anomaly, Left IVC, Niamey

APA Style

Inoussa, B. D., Tijani, M. H., Habiba, T. M. S., Rabiou, S. M., Matallah, S., et al. (2024). Imaging Diagnosis of Situs Inversus, Persistence of the Left Superior Vena Cava, Renal Agenesis and Anomaly of the Retroperitoneal Vessels in Niamey: A Case Report. International Journal of Medical Imaging, 12(1), 1-4.

ACS Style

Inoussa, B. D.; Tijani, M. H.; Habiba, T. M. S.; Rabiou, S. M.; Matallah, S., et al. Imaging Diagnosis of Situs Inversus, Persistence of the Left Superior Vena Cava, Renal Agenesis and Anomaly of the Retroperitoneal Vessels in Niamey: A Case Report. Int. J. Med. Imaging 2024, 12(1), 1-4. doi: 10.11648/j.ijmi.20241201.11

AMA Style

Inoussa BD, Tijani MH, Habiba TMS, Rabiou SM, Matallah S, et al. Imaging Diagnosis of Situs Inversus, Persistence of the Left Superior Vena Cava, Renal Agenesis and Anomaly of the Retroperitoneal Vessels in Niamey: A Case Report. Int J Med Imaging. 2024;12(1):1-4. doi: 10.11648/j.ijmi.20241201.11

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